Peggy Bechko , aka P.A Bechko  is author of fifteen novels that have been sold to major publishers in several genres:  western, romance and SciFi/fantasy. Titles include Blown To Hell, The Winged Warrior, Cloud Dancer, Dark Side of Love, Stormrider, Gunman’s Justice, Sidewinder’s Trail, Hawke’s Indians, The Tin Pan Man, Eye of the Hawk and more.

Published in hardcover, paperback, audio and Ebook formats, her  books have been published with Doubleday, Harlequin, Pinnacle and Thorndike Press as well as The FictionWorks (  online and others.  Her books have been reprinted internationally and Peggy’s most recent release is her book, Stormrider,  reprinted in hardcover edition by publisher Zorba – on the Indian subcontinent in 2011 which includes publication in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal,  and Sri Lanka.

Her spec  screenplays have been optioned domestically and abroad, her screenplay titled Replica (formerly Spitting Image) climbed to a high ranking place in two well-known competitions while one of her short stories, Skykicker took two first place prizes in competition.  She’s also written a produced episode of a 1/2 hour animated series,  Diabolik, for Saban Entertainment.

Peggy is also a  ghostwriter having ghosted a full-length movie script, a screen treatment and a non-fiction book.  She’s published articles with her own byline (travel articles, articles on writing, biographical article) in a number of areas digitally and in hard copy.

Over the years Peggy has  taught writing in different venues as well.  On the ground she’s taught workshops  locally.  Online, she’s taught Romance writing with UCLA Online Extension and she is currently putting together a new class to be taught online.

More International Editions published in:






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Fiction has been her passion from about the age of fourteen. Her only quandary was that she could never write anything short. So, in the course of things, she just kind of skipped over short stories and jumped right to novel length and submitted what she felt was her first marketable works when she was nineteen, to a literary agency in New York. They
welcomed her into their ranks of writers, addressing her as Mr. Bechko, which at that time went uncorrected as she was then submitting westerns and was told, repeatedly, ‘women can’t write westerns’.

Her first sale was to Doubleday, the editor with whom she dealt, was also greatly surprised to find himself talking to a young woman. But, over time, everybody adjusted. The book, THE NIGHT OF THE FLAMING GUNS, written it in the first person as a middle-aged man, was published when she was twenty-two. Doubleday went on to buy a total of five westerns from her.

Romances were picking up avid fans about that time, and she tried that genre as well, managing to keep her western influence strong while writing a more modern ‘romance’ set in Mexico, DARK SIDE OF LOVE.

Then came CLOUD DANCER, a full-blown historical romance which she took pains to keep historically correct, also published first by Harlequin, now more recently released in digital format at Kindle, Barnes & Noble iPad and Smashwords.Currently she’s offering a romance writing class on UDEMY called Romancing Your Novel. Take the opportunity to kickstart those romance writing desires and join in the class!

More recently she’s taken a plunge into screenwriting. Now, additionally, she is exploring the fantasy/science fiction field with the recent release of Stormrider.

In her early days, since writing unfortunately did not completely cover the bills, she held an assortment of ‘day’ jobs. Such things as Gift Wrap & Customer Service in a department store; an Artist’s Model; Delivery Person; Clerical and Office person; Legal Secretary & Office Manager; Administrative Assistant and Assistant Bookstore Manager.

Bechko is also talented with her hands as well as her mind. She has had paper mache’ sculptures for sale in a well known local gallery, and hand made jewelry on sale at several galleries and now, more currently at her small ETSY shop, SilverStreak.

She is married to Steven Chappell, author of DRAGONS & DEMONS, ANGELS & EAGLES, THE VOYAGE OF THE PEREGRIN, and the Ebook, THE TALES OF CAER ALBAN, recently released  by The Fiction Works for Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and as a trade paperback edition.





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