Screenwriting Creds

In my writing career I’ve done some screenwriting and intend to do a lot more.

**One of my favorites to write, Bloodlines action/adventure/vampire western

Gabriel Hardman, storyboard, comic book and fine artist did the illustration for me. Great, isn’t it?

Previously I’ve optioned my work, Replica (formerly known as Spitting Image when it placed in the quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting and semi-finals of the Writers Foundation sponsored America’s Best Screenwriting Competition) to Bogorad-Wyler Productions. It didn’t quite get made so I have the rights back in my hands.

Small Wonder, some time later, was optioned in cooperation with Gruenberg Films, to Studio HH Letterbox Fil Produktion in Hamburg Germany.

I wrote, under contract for Saban Entertainment, an episode for their animated series Diabolik called Strange Alliance, working with Producer Larry Brody – friend and producer for whom I now write blog posts for his site at – where you’ll find one of my articles.

I’ve ghosted a screen play and a different treatment a few years back.

And in between I’ve worked with local Producer Ord Morgan of Quadrangle Entertainment  on early development stages for a children’s TV series, churned out ideas on a Russian Fiarly Tale/Folk Tale animated series, and collaborated on ideas for a horror script.

Meanwhile I have a number of other scripts, a couple of treatments, and a TV series proposal completed and available:

The Winds of Fortune – an action/adventure/comedy – based on one of my novels published originally by Doubleday

Shadowpeople – action adventure/sci-fi

Rancho Villa – comedy/romance

Replica – action/sci-fi/adventure

Lifelines – drama/suspense

Small Wonder – family fare/adventure


Beyond that I’m developing a treatment for a historic drama set in the Western United States that features a strong female lead, Queen of Lincoln County.

And there’s Ringers – a dramady for TV

There are other ideas floating around in my brain, but they’re going to have to take a back-seat for a while

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