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August, 2015

PLANET OF THE EGGS-VOL1-NUM1cracked open 2Boy, after being more than a little busy, I’ve launched, along with my partner, Charlene Brash-Sorensen, a new, exciting comic book series. Planet Of The Eggs.

Come visit our Facebook page, like it, and watch for contests and giveaways that are upcoming.

Second adventure: Grimoire~The Book of Spells, is already in the works,

Join the adventure.





February, 2014

Just added my course, Romancing Your Novel, to UDEMY’s roster: Available to anyone who wants to kickstart those romance novel writing desires and get moving!  Com on over and enroll today.

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Dec., 2013

I just added two more previously published hardcover novels – westerns- to my digital library: Hawke’s Indians and Warrior Flight Hawkes Indians cover 1- jpg










Aug. 18, 2013

Added my newest book trailer video – this time for Stormrider – Trust the Wolves!

July 23, 2013

Just added a brand new video Book Trailer for Hawke’s Indians – Enjoy!


July 3, 2013

Now in the midst of converting Hawke’s Indians, a book formerly published in traditional hardback to digital.  It will be available soon via Kindle – look for it!



Cover under construction ~


June 24, 20113

Just published my new non-fiction book on traveling to Disney World in Orlando – “The New Grown Ups Disney World Guide Book.” Get your copy free July 3, 4 & 5 2013. Just hit the link and download.









August 28, 2012

We decided on a new cover for Stormrider!  What a beauty!










July 31, 2012

Very exciting for me. I’ve just updated and revised Out Of Thin Air, a book published now with Kindle for new and young writers. Come read a sample and get a copy for yourself or that new writer you know.









June, 2012

Big news!  Dark Side Of Love, originally published in paperback and in subsequent foreign editions, has just been released in Kindle Ebook Edition.  Other formats will follow soon. – watch for updates here.









April, 2012

Recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles and attending the 17th Annual LA Times Festival of Books at the University of Southern California.  A veritable feast for book lovers, it was a fantastic outing. An opportunity to spend time with my niece, Comic Book and Graphic Novel  Author Corinna Bechko and her husband Comic Book Author and Artist, Gabriel Hardman, to explore the Fair, eat some great food and generally have a fun time. Already trying to figure out if I can get back next year for the Festival of Books again.

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