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Embracing the digital age – the books below are available in digital editions.


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In the same spirit of embracing the digital I’m now offering a class on romance writing on UDEMY called Romancing Your Novel. Join the fun, take the class and kickstart those romance novel writing desires.




Newest to my list of published books – this time non-fiction – is The New Grown Ups Disney World Guide Book. It’s written with the adult visitor to Disney World in mind – time to let the big kids have some fun. Lots of links included with information on where to stay, where to get your tickets, transportation, discounts, how to elude crowds and a whole lot more!





Written as a manual for new and young writers  Out Of Thin Air is  currently available in Kindle Edition, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Come read a sample and pick up a copy for yourself or that writer you know.


Stormrider is available in Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks

Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebellion-torn world, several continents away from what she considers home, and for the missing Amulet that can choose the leader of the worlds in concert. Stormrider is cast adrift in a sea of intrigue, mysticism and magic. Isolated, she is dependent upon her own wits and skills to survive.
**John Cullum, Tony award winning, TV and movie actor said, “Stormrider is a wonderful book, not just for science fiction reader – once I started reading I couldn’t put it down.  it’s a great read, exciting…”


Cloud Dancer is available in Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Smashwords.

Change is coming.

Young Cloud Dancer’s peaceful life at Acoma Pueblo crumbled before her eyes with the onslaught of war at the hands of the Spaniards. Of those who had come to help, many of the Apache warriors had died. Her new love, White Hawk, of the Apache, was lost to her. Alone and bitter, the beautiful maiden learned the fierce Apache ways of her lost love and vowed never to kneel before the enemy again.

But Spirit Warrior White Hawk was still very much alive. His heart knew boundless joy when he found Cloud Dancer had not perished in the massacre of her people. But the lovers face a new struggle as tribal conflict and the ever-encroaching Spaniards threaten their sweet reunion and the building of a new life together. .


Dark Side of Love is now in Kindle Edition— other digital editions will follow soon!

In claiming her inheritance, a sprawling ranch in a remote part of Mexico, Sirena knew she had accepted a challenge unlike any she had ever faced before. But she was unprepared for the antagonism of the dark, aristocratic Ramon Savedel, the man appointed to advise her, and worse, his domineering mother, Carlotta, patrona of the sprawling, neighboring ranch and scorned lover of the great uncle who’d left Serina his rancho..

Ramon: his glittering eyes entranced her; his brooding presence disturbed her, enthralled her; his harsh insinuations wounded her deeply.

Though Sirena swore to resist him, she need his guidance to run the ranch – and she needed his love.

It was a cruel trick fate had played on her…to find her lifelong dreams so entwined with the threat of heartbreak.

—-visit the paperback edition page to see the great customer review this book received


Newly added in digital from hardback originals published by Doubleday:

Hawke’s Indians:

An off-beat WHawkes Indians cover 1- jpgestern awaits within ~ get this book today for hours of reading entertainment.

SALVADORE HAWKE and his gang were damn good train robbers, but it was the turn of the century and the railroad detectives were getting better.

Hawke’s boys were getting long in the tooth and a couple of members of the gang still hadn’t learned the importance of timing.

Hawke knew he needed an edge, a new start and he was sure he’d found it in the newly developed motorcycle. Unlike their horses the machines had no need of food, water, or rest, and in a dead run it could put the swiftest quarter horse or pony to shame.

What Hawke wasn’t counting on was the freshly minted perseverance of the railroad detectives tracking him down ~ and the unwillingness of some of his gang to accept an unproved invention regardless of its apparent advantages.

Just when Hawk was sure he’d found a solid ace in the hole, it began to look like that ace just might be his downfall.


Warrior Flight:


Take to the air with an off-beat western full of adventure and hours of reading entertainment.

The dream of winged flight was an obsession for Omaha Jones, an eastern-educated “half breed.” But when a practice flight with his hand-made wings ends in a crash landing many miles from his home, Omaha encounters some down-to-earth distractions from his goal of soaring the skies like an eagle.

Teaming up with some fellow drifters – a surly old mountain man with an unbeatable race horse and a strange, wide-eyed young woman on the run from her past – he soon finds himself in the middle of some very down-to-earth dangers as well.

For, along with his new friends, Omaha has also made some new enemies. And the next time Omaha Jones tries his wings, it’s going to be for more than pure adventure, and he’ll be fighting forces more deadly than air currents…

To Hell And Back is available in Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks

Straight-laced Amanda Clery arrives in Phoenix to work as a bank teller. Ramrod Jake Hollander enters the bank to deposit the monies for the sale of his boss’s herd just as a robbery is taking place.

In the ensuing chaos, Amanda and Jake end up accused, tried and convicted of masterminding the event. When they escape, Jake teaches the prim easterner all the survival skills at his command. They work together to expose the banker who set them up.



Blown To Hell is available in Kindle, Barnes And Noble, iBook and Smashwords

And as a note, Blown To Hell is also available in print as a Trade Paperback and Large Print Edition

Chance Fargo is a drifter and gambler; Elias McPherson is an elderly inventor, a man of vision. After he’s left horseless in the middle of nowhere, Fargo joins McPherson and his granddaughter aboard the inventor’s sail-equipped prairie schooner, the “Windwagon.” When they blow into the lawless town of Hell, Fargo finds himself playing an old familiar game, this time for keeps.




Also In the Non Fiction Area Wedding Planning On The Cheap was created to help brides plan a wedding that doesn’t cost a fortune!  Wedding Planning on the Cheap is available in Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes and Noble











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